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Podcast Recommendations

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  1. Pat Hyban’s Real Estate Rockstars– this was my go-to for my first year in Real Estate. I listened (and still often do!) to an episode while I walked Dorothy, and then I’d take action on whatever the guests recommended for the day. They also have a running “toolbox” and every guest brings something to add. You can download them as a bundle and it’s all amazingly helpful.

  2. Goal Digger– Jenna Kutcher is a photographer and educator, but her message totally applies to every area of my business and life as an entrepreneur. I love her for her actionable steps and one liners!

  3. Bigger Pockets– After getting into the investing side of Real Estate, this has been my new guilty pleasure. My husband and I tear through their webinars and episodes and always have new information and more to research after every show. This one is helpful for really understanding the nuts and bolts and learning new lingo.

  4. How I Built This– If you need a dose of motivation, here it is! This goes back to the beginning of well-known businesses and talks about their start, lessons learned, and the story behind the brand. A similar one that has been recommended to me is When to Jump.


  1. Life Coach School Podcast– This has hands. down. changed. my. life. Brooke Castillo runs a program to train life coaches, but she offers regular people education through her podcast. Literally every episode, no matter if I resonate with the topic on the surface or not, has been revolutionary. She has changed the way I do business, view relationships, handle conflict, motivate myself and my family, and more. 1,0000/10 recommend.

  2. Tracks to Relax– I get hypnotized twice a week and IT IS FINE WITH ME. If you’ve been following me for a while you know I sleep like a cartoon character, thrashing around up and down with little cartoon birds singing in my brain. Master Hypnotist Alan (yes. I know it’s weird.) has us knocked out every night without fail. He has short nap podcasts, motivational podcasts, themed episodes, but really if I’m being honest I never make it past the introduction.

  3. Happier– This is a cute fluffy one from one of my favorites, Gretchen Rubin. She wrote the Happiness Project, and she and her sister do a good job of providing tips and tricks, challenges and life lessons. They also dive into habit and routine, two of my favorite topics!

True Crime: no descriptions here, they are just as they sound!


  1. S Town– one of my absolute favorites! SO weird but so worth it.

  2. My Dad Wrote a Porno– DON’T judge me, this is obviously NSFW but the funniest thing you will ever hear, if you need a laugh.

  3. Homecoming– this is actually a drama, not a true story, but it definitely has you going! You’ll probably recognize a few famous voices!

  4. Disgraceland– this one is super cool! It features the crazy-but-true stories behind music/bands/singers/events that we all know well.

Referred to me but NOT tried:

  1. Evil Genius 

  2. Reply All

  3. To Live and Die in LA

  4. Getting Curious (Jonathan Van Ness’s podcast)

  5. American Girls– a historical look and deep dive into each American Girl doll!

  6. This American Life– this one has some SUPER loyal fans! I have listened on and off but not consistently.

  7. The Dream

  8. The Moment

Referred to me but I didn’t stick with them/love them:

  1. Teacher’s Pet

  2. The Man in the Window

  3. Crimetown (my husband and family from Rhode Island loved this one!)

  4. The Shrink Next Door (I might pick this one up!)

  5. Over My Dead Body (I could get into this one again too, maybe!)

There they are! Now it’s your turn- what am I missing?!


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