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Community Spotlight: Wendell Falls


One question I get often is “where is everyone going next?!” With resale homes in Raleigh at a premium and new construction going up in every corner of the Triangle, it strikes such a curious cord in people to know where the next “hot” place will be for people to move.

It’s hard to say definitively where I think people are going to flock to because it’s SO personal. Some people may crave the city life of Durham, others may settle into the perfect townhome in Holly Springs, and others prefer the ample land and opportunities in Harnett County. In these “community spotlights”, I plan to venture to areas people are curious about outside of Raleigh and share insight into what makes them special.

The moment I drove up to Wendell Falls, I began to fall in love.  Just 13 minutes from downtown Raleigh and North Hills, a straight shot to Knightdale and a short drive to Cary, it’s truly convenient no matter where you’re headed. As accessible as it is, it feels like a little resort- entirely self sufficient on the activities, amenities and community they’ve built. There’s live music, rental bikes, a massive pool, free activities for kids and adults alike and even a restaurant and coffee shop that serves as the hub of the neighborhood.


Besides the adorable environment and immaculate planning and structure, this community has several different builders that offer amazingly affordable and unique options. The community planner, Newland Communities, has a very similar development in Chapel Hill called Briar Chapel. While it’s just as breathtaking and home-y, you can get into an identical home in Wendell Falls for between $20,000-$70,000 less than you would pay there. Here are some of the home lines that stood out to me (but there are many more to choose from!):

  1. Fresh Paint by Garman– This line really caught my eye for a few reasons: the price, the ease of planning your home, and the base options included. As you may know with new construction, there are often upgrades and add-ons that can drive your price up. With the Fresh Paint line, what you see is what you get! You have a few options for the type of feel you want in the home, but it really comes as a total package with few customizations. I think that’s great for a first-time homebuyer because it keeps the price low, doesn’t overwhelm you by customizing a home from the ground up, and helps you feel confident in the amazing quality and already-included features of the homes. You could own a brand new home in the community here for as low as $225,000!

  2. The Southern Collection by Garman Homes– These elegant beauties boast the same quality and included features as Fresh Paint, with a few more options to make it your own. They still have a very affordable entry price and options for flexibility like a first floor master, included storage space and attached garages. I loved the option where they grant you “three wishes” where you can add or change anything about the home as it is.

  1. Homes By Dickerson– A Homes by Dickerson home truly stands out amongst the rest. They pride themselves on building a “home for life” which includes flexible storage space that you can build out over time, options for basements and total free rein over the design process. They told me verbatim, they can build you a home from a drawing on a cocktail napkin! Whether you have your eye on a plan from another builder, want to create a Pinterest board of ideas, or select a high-quality option that is move in ready, they have all of the options you could dream of.

The best way I can tell you to take in all Wendell Falls has to offer is to visit for yourself. You can stroll down “model home row” and meet with each builder to find who could be your best fit. The coolest aspect that I learned about was the Wendell Falls Resident for a Day  program, where you can sign up online and go through a day as if you lived there. They’ll give you a scavenger hunt to help guide you through the community, a community bike to hop on and send you home with an outstanding swag bag!

Curious about purchasing new construction? Just keep in mind there is NO cost to you to have an agent represent you. As you journey through each of these new home neighborhoods, you’ll meet kind, approachable and knowledgable people. While it’s great to get information from them, they represent their client- the builder. I am well-versed in managing a new home project from start to finish, and I’d love to be your guide and fight for your best interest. Let’s chat!


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