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Tried and True, From me to you!

I'm an idea person... a big picture guy, if you will. All day every day when helping people in Raleigh, Cary, Durham and around the Triangle of North Carolina, my brain spins with things that I want to put into action that fall outside the norm of real estate marketing. My goal after events, interactions and meetings is for people to feel like I'm "not just another Realtor". I want to be helpful, memorable and empowering. 

After producing several events and marketing campaigns, my inner cheerleader began to rear her head. Doing this work for myself and my clients was one thing, but I got the urge to share it with other agents who were looking to accomplish the same things that I was. I wanted to create a community that spanned geography and facilitate an authentic, creative exchange of ideas. With that, Refer-U was born! 

In my monthly email series, I share actionable tips and event plans (along with the exact success they brought me). I feature downloadable marketing pieces, sneak peeks into processes that stick and systems that smooth things over. These templates are yours to use and make your own, and I hope the materials encourage you to B-E AGGRESSIVE and provide you the support your business needs to soar. 

Know someone moving to the Triangle?

People are flocking to our area at record speeds, and I'd love to share why! Whether it's college, healthcare, retirement or just a great quality of life, we have it all and I'd be honored to make your friends and family feel at home. Even better- I love paying referral fees ;)

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