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How ya feeling?

Excited? Overwhelmed? Just whelmed? Guess what? I've been there!

When my husband and I were ready for a change, we picked The Triangle off of the map and planned a visit. One warm February weekend and several brewery hops and charming neighborhoods later, we packed up our bags and moved from DC the day after our honeymoon. 

I told you- I GET feeling overwhelmed! 

As soon as we moved, we knew this was the place we would plant our roots. We wasted no time trotting off to a different area every weekend, trying new restaurants, hiking new trails and sipping new drinks along the way. 

Whether you are new to the Triangle or curious what it has to offer, I'm here to be your personal tour guide. I have fallen head over heels for our area, and can help match you with the best resources, neighborhoods and activities to fit your needs.

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The insider's scoop

Need a doctor, dentist, tailor... or even pizza and bbq? This guide has it all (including my PERSONAL picks for local vendors!)

Download now!

The skinny on schools

Wake County and surrounding counties have nationally renowned schools. Curious about how our system works and impacts your family?


Live like a local

I share posts all the time about living in the Triangle and venturing around the state. Click below for a roundup of all local blog posts! 

Want more info?

I'd love to send you a full relocation package! I'll share tons of information about the area, what to expect when you're relocating, resources and can even help you list your current home. 

I'll be in touch soon!

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