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My Go-To Meal Ideas

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In the Azzarello home, we are passionate about eating. I love to try new things from time to time, but we always end up coming back to the same few recipes. I recently noticed that many of our favorites come from the same sources, so I thought I’d share a roundup of where I go and my top picks.

@CattlebaroninCashmere: I stumbled across Alison through another Instagram account, and I am SO happy I did. She shares a mixture of affordable buys, simple recipes and other accounts to check out. I love that she shares the ingredients and recipes right within her posts, and her affinity for “dooding up” (as my mom calls it) store-bought items. She also killed the easy neighbor/teacher gift game this past Christmas! My repeat dishes from her: alfredo brussels sprouts, pierogie casserole and potato/french onion soup.

Snoop Natty Nat: I can’t get enough of Natalie’s recipes, and there are SO many to choose from! I’ve tried the healthiest salads and the cheesiest pasta dishes and never struck out with her recipes. She also has an amazing array of appetizers and salads so check out her giant list if you prefer something lighter! Our favorites include the bean and cheese enchiladas, Tuscan chicken cakes, Easy Pad Thai and Philly cheesesteak Sloppy Joe’s

Plain Chicken: Stephanie was purely a Pinterest find, but over half of my favorite dishes come from her site! She’s my first stop for football appetizers, delicious easy weeknight meals and freezer staples. Among SO MANY, here are a few that come to mind: cheesy smoked sausage skillet, Italian Pot Roast and risotto, Southwestern sausage quiche, and taco pasta.

Emily Bites Blog: For a healthier option, I always turn to Emily Bites. She has so many creative takes on the basics, and I always end up with something that I’m excited to eat but know won’t be too rich. I love her stuffed chicken (pimento cheese and everything bagel), numerous bubble-ups and this cajun sausage and potato casserole (it feels so wrong but it’s really so right!).


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