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Productivity Hack: The Pomodoro Technique

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One of the most impactful things I have implemented in my business AND personal life is the Pomodoro Technique. At its core, it’s a simple practice of just focusing on one task for 2 hours total, broken down into small 25 minute segments.

There is definitely more science behind it than I’m qualified to share, but I can tell you firsthand it has made my life ten times more productive! All you need is a way to monitor your time and a task you need to finish!

I started out by using a timer from the Dollar Tree, but I have also seen people use these cubes. I try to avoid using my phone as a timer because of course I’m liable to fall prey to distraction when setting and checking the timer.

25 minutes (25 minutes)

The best way I’ve made this work for me has been to create 25 minute playlists on Spotify. I start my playlist, begin my task and don’t stop (for ANYTHING!!!!) until that playlist is done. At the end of my 25 minutes, I get a 5 minute break and repeat this until I have completed 2 hours of work. At that point, I get a 15 minute break.

More often than not, I utilize this in just the 25 minute blocks and am shocked at how much I can get done when I cut out distraction. I’m a very challenge-motivated person, and I love having an end in sight!

Ready to test it out? Click here to get started with a few of my Pomodoro playlists!


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