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Welcome, Y’all!

Hi y’all and thanks so much for visiting me here at Flying Pig House & Home. I am a Realtor, newlywed and obsessed dog mother living in Raleigh, North Carolina. I’ve wanted to start a blog for years, but for reasons out of my control (extremely easily distracted, dessert, failed diets, vacations, Netflix binges), I’ve never made it far out of the gate.


I’m a big fan of Q&A so hopefully these next few lines will give you some insight into my plans.

First of all, why the name Flying Pig? House & Home? Huh?

Flying pigs have always been a favorite motif of mine. Society knows the cute little fellas with wings as a depiction of the impossible happening. For me, starting a brand new business, finally keeping up with a blog and hopefully helping lots of people along the way feels impossible, and I hope to conquer that. The “house” part pays homage to my career as a Realtor. I will share tips from experts, explanations of crazy difficult concepts, market trends, design inspiration, & more. The “home” part is the most important to me, in that I want this to feel like you’re walking into my apartment, moving some of the papers and Oreo Thins and black labs from the couch, and sitting down with a G&T or cup of coffee. I hope to provide approachable advice without being preach-y, and share what has worked for me in my limited adulting career.

Are you doing this to sell me stuff, Elizabeth?

No, girl (or man). I vow to only share things I love and have tried myself, most likely from Walmart, Ross Dress for Less or Trader Joe’s. Next question.

What kind of things will you be sharing?

I will admit, humbly, that I often have no clue what I am doing. I rely on a team of trusted advisors (you’ll meet some of them tomorrow) and Google to help me navigate this maze called adulthood. I have cracked the code on a couple things, and plan to share routines, articles and self-help tips that I swear by. I will focus heavily on interviews with said trusted advisors so that you and I can learn together (with G&Ts. And the coffee). I will answer any and all questions that come my way about Real Estate or life or dog motherhood or cooking or travel or anything else. I am a self-taught chef and will share recipes, and I am craft-obsessed so you can expect lots of tutorials as well. I am a huge travel and reading nerd, so you can follow along with me on staycations & vacations, and see which books I have my nose in along the way. Lastly, my husband and I are new homeowners, so plan on giving and receiving ideas, before-and-afters and lotssss of Pinterest links.

Anything else?

I promise to honestly and openly give and receive advice in this space. I will not try to advise you on things I have no experience in, and I will give you blanket suggestions just for the sake of writing content. I am ALWAYS open to kind, honest feedback (just ask my husband how great I am at taking feedback), and hope to make this as interesting and as useful as I can.


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