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Voted most talkative 

*raises hand proudly*

Nothing makes me happier than authentically engaging with a group of people and meeting them right where they are. Every morning I read different books and listen to podcasts that fill me with inspiration and education, and it's my absolute passion to build helpful resources out of this info and share that with others. Much like my Real Estate business, I employ creativity, humility, humor and strategy to craft the perfect message or training session for my audience, leaving them itching to take inspired action. 

I have a background in creating and presenting training sessions for audiences 4-150+. In my past roles with Disney, Chevrolet and Bright MLS, I learned to weave in the answers people want with the entertainment and storytelling they need to retain those nuggets. I created unique sessions, built my own schedules and developed materials to accompany each lesson. In addition to the topics below, I am confident that I can craft the perfect talk, team building session or training for your team. 

Sample Topics:

  • Negotiation

  • Creativity

  • Team building

  • Leadership

  • Job searching

  • Resilience

  • Real Estate

  • Entrepreneurship 

  • Productivity

  • Motivation

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Curious about my style?

If you'd like a sneak peek into how I present, I post videos regularly on YouTube and Instagram. Feel free to check out my channel! 

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