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Cleaning a Glass Cooktop

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I never realized how polarizing cooktops were until I started selling houses. I also don’t think I realized how many varieties there were and how partial people were to what they preferred. Glass vs. gas, the location of the stovetop versus the oven, double ovens, hidden microwaves, oh my! I will say that glass cooktops are what I hear most often, love them or hate them.

We have a glass cooktop and have seen a full range (ha!) of issues. We have had cracks, scratches and huge boiling mistakes to deal with. If you ever have a question about what’s happening in your own home, chances are I dealt with it in the home we own now!

The main concern people have is cleaning glass cooktops, and today I want to share the easiest way EVER to removed baked on goo and restore shine.

  1. I read an article that suggested you start by making a paste of baking soda and water, but I forgot and just sprinkled baking soda right on top of the mess.

  2. Once I evenly spread a layer of baking soda over the problem areas, I poured vinegar over each spot. The bubbling and sizzling was incredibly rewarding, but didn’t make the smell much better.

  3. I let this sit for about 10 minutes while I worked on another project, and came back with the scouring side of our kitchen sponge. I scrubbed lightly in a circular motion to loosen up the cooked-on food. I didn’t press hard, both because I didn’t have to, and also to avoid scratches. Once I thought I removed all of the debris, I wiped up what I could with paper towels.

  4. After the stove was mainly clean, I wiped it down with kitchen spray and paper towels again. With any stubborn spots, I used a dry Magic Eraser and some of this cleaning solution that came along with our oven when we rented an apartment a few years ago.

I hope this helps if you ever find yourself in a panic like I was! Happy scrubbing and happier cooking.


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