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The Hyyge Life: Your Winter Checklist

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One of my favorite discoveries over the last few years is the Danish concept of “hygge”. Even better than the meaning of “taking pleasure from the soothing, ordinary, and inexpensive things in life” is the fact that it’s pronounced HOO-GAH! As a homeowner, winter is by far the time that I’m most grateful for my cozy space, and I’m always striving to take it to the next level and make it more warm and welcoming for us and our guests. If you’ve never encountered this phrase in the wild, here are a few tips to reach next level snug wherever you live.

  1. Warmth is the word: Warm temperatures, warm drinks, warm colors…. anything and everything warm is the perfect way to combat chilly temperatures and create a haven of your own. My favorite way to check this box is to cozy up under a fuzzy blanket (more on that later!), turn our fire on and sip on some mulled wine or hot chocolate. If you don’t have the ability to hike up your heat or have a real fire, cluster candles together (especially near mirrors or reflective surfaces) to achieve a similar vibe.

  2. Texture is key: Fluffy, fuzzy and HEAVY are my must-have hygge features. I like to incorporate materials that are ridiculously soft, and usually lean towards sherpa, teddy bear, waffle knit and chenille. Aside from physical texture, weight is a huge part of my coziness. A weighted blanket, chunky sweater and thick socks help up the cozy factor. If you’re surrounded by sharp edges, modern touches, bright colors and rough materials, try your best to drape things over them to soften the mood, or create little “nooks” free of clutter and cold.

  3. Let technology in: A big component of hygge is time spent filling your cup with friends and family and just being present. We have “routines” set up in various rooms of our home to dim lights, quiet electronics, play music and set alarms to allow our minds to shut off and enjoy the current moment. Our next goal is to add in a smart thermostat in order to totally (mentally) unplug. If you’re constantly throwing off your blanket and pausing your shows to change a facet of your environment, it’s that much harder to chill.

  4. Simplify: In that same vein, hygge is all about the simple life and all the pleasures that go along with it. Your coziest spot should be cleared of clutter, overwhelming patterns and distracting aspects. Though you can add in candles, throws and twinkly lights, you should avoid going overboard with elements that will over-stimulate you and keep you on edge.

  5. Bring the outside in: A huge focus of hygge is being in touch with nature, so naturally (ha!), it makes sense to weave greenery, wood, fur and other outdoorsy elements into your decor.

Have you heard of hygge before? How are you planning to kick up your cozy this winter?


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