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DIY Vintage Valentine Garland

I can't remember where I got the idea to string together these adorable Valentines, but I'm so glad it popped into my head. It's something I look forward to putting up every year, and couldn't be easier to make!

The first and most obvious step is to gather vintage Valentines. I got mine in a "lot" on eBay, but Etsy also had a great selection. You could even use modern Valentines, or some from when you were younger (Lisa Frank neon cards would be SO COOL). What I love most about mine is that they actually still had writing on the back of them!

Next, you'll want to lay them all out in the order you want them. I laid them in a line and then laid the ribbon at the top of the Valentines. It's important to remember that they'll be curved, so it may help to start laying them out that way.

From there, you can start to punch holes in the Valentines. I struggled at first to measure the exact spot to punch, and whether to use one hole or two. I just eyeballed it and tested by holding them which placement would work best. Typically I tried to do two holes as much as possible because they laid more smoothly that way.

When you're ready to string them together, test out both "over" and "under" methods for the ribbon and see what you like best. I found that it was easier to go under the left hole, around the back of the Valentine and then up the right side. They laid flatter and you could see more of the design!

Once you're done there, you can just add bows to the ends if you'd like, and you're off to the races! I always use green floral wire to attach bows to ribbon, or to attach them to the mantel. This year, I layered it over a boxwood garland and it's a new favorite.

Hope you guys have fun, and send a picture if you make your own!


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