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Instagram Live Recap: Peace in Place

In an effort to share some new ideas, highlight some local businesses and give us all a little something to do, I've partnered up with a few home-related Instagrammers to share some things you can do while you're at home!

My next guest, Lindsey from Peace in Place popped on my "show" to share about resources she can offer as a professional organizer. On a normal day, she goes into clients' homes to help them not only organize, but create systems to keep this in place. Lindsey helped me with our craft room a few months back, and I loved how creative she was with things we already had at home, and how easy it was to keep up with the ideas she put in place. Lindsey and I tackled my linen closet virtually this time!

Major takeaways from my Live with Lindsey:

- In these stressful times, our brains need "little wins". Something small like a single drawer, a linen closet or a book shelf can give you the boost you need to tackle bigger things later.

- As always, Lindsey begins every project by taking everything out of the space before trying to organize. She is great about grouping similar things, and also arranging items in terms of how frequently you need to use them.

- The easiest way to take your linen closet from scattered to serene is to turn the "seams" of all your items to face the outside. Lindsey graciously put together a few videos on how to fold common things like towels, blankets and the ever-coveted FITTED SHEET! See video explanations of her tactics below for inspiration:

- While you CAN make a huge impact on your space without spending a dime, if you're looking for some products that can make life a little tidier, Lindsey suggests the following:

Lindsey is offering digital consultations, online content and has also kindly offered to look at a photo of a space and help provide general ideas and advice. You can find her on her website (pay special attention to the "virtual" page) Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or email (

Keep taking those little steps as you feel able, and your home and habits will be leaps and bounds ahead by the time things are back to normal.


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