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Instagram Live Recap: The Rare Feather Cleaning Company

In an effort to share some new ideas, highlight some local businesses and give us all a little something to do, I've partnered up with a few home-related Instagrammers to share some things you can do while you're at home!

First up, Jessica @therarefeather_cleaningcompany came on to share about her local cleaning company. She's the head of this woman and minority owned business, working throughout Wake and Johnston County and serving commercial, residential and new construction clients.

Two questions for Jessica:

Q: What is the most commonly missed place when people clean their homes?

A: The base boards! Especially in the bathrooms. A wet rag, vacuum or cleaning solution of your choice is important to remove germs and build up.

Q: If people run out of cleaning supplies at home, what can they use to keep up?

A: Vinegar and baking soda combined, or just vinegar and water can work wonders. If you run out of paper towels, newspaper can also be used in its place!

Reach Jessica and her team on their Facebook page, on Instagram and by phone (919- 747-3309).

Hopefully this gives y'all a little inspiration to keep making your home the best it can be while you're safe inside!


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