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Kitchen Progress

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I was challenged recently to find a way to illustrate “potential” to clients. I’m not talking about the potential that comes from knocking down walls, gutting a house or razing the backyard. The type of potential that’s so important in finding a home is all about cosmetics and simple fixes.

When we were house hunting, my father-in-law said “if you can see it you can change it”. That was truly the guiding principle that landed us a home with amazing bones, a great location and the lot of our dreams. These things above can’t be changed… but wallpaper, FURNITURE, paint and decor so often hang people up!

As I “finish” rooms in our home (let’s be real, a home is never DONE in my opinion!), I’m going to share the stark before and after pictures so y’all can see what a little lipstick can do!

Here is the list of projects we’ve completed in our kitchen thus far:

  1. Painted cabinets

  2. Replaced two light fixtures (one was from Wayfair, one from a thrift store!)

  3. Painted and removed wallpaper (we HAD to get some help on this one… we had 3 layers!)

  4. Backsplash

  5. Replaced furniture


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