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Lizzie McGuire’s Grown Up Bedroom

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Let’s be honest- one of the best parts about our favorite childhood TV shows was drooling over the COOLEST bedrooms. Those pencil bedposts on Full House?! HAVE MERCY. The 90’s glam of Clarissa Explains It All? Totally.

When I heard that Lizzie McGuire was getting a reboot, my brain immediately flooded with questions- would cartoon Lizzie be grown up? What does she do for work? How are Gordo and Miranda?! That trio spent enough time flopped on Lizzie’s bed talking on her super cool landline phone that I decided it warranted a stab at what her room would look like as a 30-something. Here are some updated versions of Lizzie’s favorites I’d love to see:


Understated floral bedding– Surprisingly, Lizzie never had any bedding or decor that stood out too much. The most notable things about her room were on the walls, and oh my gosh that MESS! I thought this Anthropologie bedding mimicked her classic floral comforter in today’s style.


Pink accents– While her bedroom color palate was pretty neutral, her every day style was larger than life! I imagine adult Lizzie would still let her love of bright colors shine through in a sassy rug.

A updated memo board– One of the most notable things about Lizzie’s bedroom was the overwhelming presence of posters, pictures and mementos. I was right there with her, saving every movie ticket stub, Cotillion corsage and Homecoming poster! There’s definitely a way to bring favorite keepsakes into our current aesthetic, and I think this PB Teen board is the perfect way!


Classic wood furniture– Unlike many of her Disney Channel cohorts, Lizzie’s furniture was pretty standard wood fare. I loved that her room was so “normal” in so many ways! We’ll keep the wood tones here, and update them a bit to a mid-century modern vibe for her grown-up digs.

Textured wall decor– Above her bed, around her mirrors and throughout the room Lizzie was famous for feather boas and pom-pom garlands galore. Who DIDN’T have some kind of 3-d wall art or party tassel banner over their door (guilty as charged!). This updated textured piece allows her to bring in some of that to her current room without dating her style!


Butterfly wall art: One piece appeared in a few shots that I found of her room, so I thought it would be fun to tie it back in! There’s a 1,000 option from Pottery Barn, EEP! but this neon version is much more affordable and much more “Lizzie”!

Eye-catching chair– In many episodes, Lizzie drapes herself over an inflatable chair to lament the woes of her teenage day. While it’s hard to come by those anymore, I thought this shape resembled her favorite, and the fur with gold accents seemed right up her alley. 



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