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Make One Change Monday: Local Black-Owned Service Businesses

Over the past week, there has been an incredible movement on and offline speaking out against racism. There has been a rush to become educated (even after showing up years late to the class), support, and make real changes. In my business and personal life, I've realized that the only way I've been able to see real and sustainable change is to take tons of small, consistent actions.

I'm excited to start this series called "Make One Change Monday". Each week for the rest of June, I hope to build better habits of supporting our local and global black community in my daily business and errands, reading more books from black authors, consuming content from black podcasters and generally trying my best to introduce as much diversity as possible for myself and my family. I truly believe that the large changes happening now are important, but it can feel overwhelming to find your place in that. I encourage you to look at your routines and your hobbies and begin there.

This week, I wanted to start by featuring a spreadsheet I compiled from my local networking Facebook group. It began by seeking specific needs for work including a contractor, CPA and marketing assistance, and it grew to a much more expansive list including bakeries, beauty professionals, bloggers and more.

I encourage you to consult this list or any of the other amazing resources being created when you're looking to fill a need in your daily life. These small changes can hopefully add up to a bigger difference.

You can access the spreadsheet here, and feel free to add any local businesses or referrals that you have.


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