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Market on the Move: NYC vs. Wake County


My husband and I are avid travelers, so I knew that when I picked a company to work for that I had to find one with a strong national and international presence. While my company is local and independent (a huge plus for me), we are part of a network (Leading Real Estate Companies of the World) that spans the US and all over the world. The tagline “I’m local, I’m global” had me sold!

When I was planning my recent trip to New York, I couldn’t resist reaching out to a local Leading RE partner to get the inside scoop on the market there. I was quickly paired up with Ross from Stribling, who was so accommodating, informational and hospitable. While the New York and Raleigh markets are INCREDIBLY different, like… DIFFERENT, I was shocked to find how much overlap we actually had.

I knew that New York, like Raleigh, was comprised of many small, fiercely independent pockets. I loved chatting with Ross about how one street could divide two neighborhoods and the vibe was so unique that it felt like another world. It was awesome to pick his brain on how he educated buyers about all of the options and personalities of the unique areas. We discussed how we both worked with people from out of the state and country and love partnering with first-time homebuyers. We swapped tips on managing expectations and helping buyers understand tradeoffs that could find them the right home in their price range.

Before we met, we also shared our local market statistics. I know that might not be for everyone, so here is a top line view:

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 2.56.22 PM

New York has incredibly different taxes and stipulations that buyers and agents navigate in the city. The nerd in me hung on every word about the mansion taxes and monthly fees that accompanied many purchases. The buildings we toured were mostly condos, so the ownership types also differed greatly from what I’m used to in North Carolina.

The best part of being a part of such a robust network is meeting other people I admire and trust to help my own friends and family. The LeadingRE network is active across the country and the world, so if you ever are overwhelmed with the prospect of downsizing, diving into the real estate market or relocating, even outside the Triangle, let’s have a chat! And- if you ever think about purchasing in the New York area, please give Ross a call.

If you follow me on Instagram, you got to drool along with me as we toured a few of the most expensive units on the West Side. Now, without further ado, here are some of the properties we hit on our tour. I’d love to hear your favorites below!



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