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New Brand on the Block

One of the best parts of my job is watching it “click” for people what home means to them. Whether it’s a place to call their own after renting for years, a soft place to land in a new city, or a new beginning with someone that they love, it’s never the same kind of feeling. One of my challenges as a business owner was create a brand that spread that feeling to people I have never met, and those I’ve known for years.

I knew Georgia was the person to help me bring this vision to life. After a past life building brands for other businesses, it was such a major “pinch me moment” to see mine come together.  I can’t think her enough for all of the creativity she poured into my branding, and for helping me navigate the process and answer questions about my “why” that I never knew I had.

The final result we came up with is filled with front porches, open doors and fun conversations in comfy, inviting chairs. It started out with a sleek color scheme, but grew to the bright, crazy colors that define my life. It’s got a loopy script, and a classic type and a healthy dose of animal print. My hope is to embody fun, approachability and a down-to-earth heart for helping others.

Without further ado, here is the new look that you’ll start to see around this neighborhood!


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