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Odd Things to Refresh

So far, 2018 in the Azzarello household means that for a few weeks nothing is safe from being tossed, donated or stowed in a decorative basket. Between moving and feeling re-energized starting a new career, I have been the mood for all things fresh. I noticed that outside of the big ticket items (pantry, closets, laundry room) I’ve gained great satisfaction from refreshing a few out of the ordinary things I normally would have overlooked.

  1. Keychain– I totally took for granted how many times a day I handled my keys. My key ring was filled with mystery keys, empty rings that add length and weight, and crusty store cards that I barely used. I grabbed a staple remover to hold my key ring open to save my nails, then I removed every 

key, card and ring. If you can’t let go, consider an app like Stocard to store your discount cards digitally. Only keep things that are absolutely necessary or fill you with joy. I cut it down to my key fobs, gym card, my library card, my Wendy’s free Frosty for a year card, and my fun pom-pom keychain.

  1. Phone Case- While I know I have a problem picking up my phone itself, I never realized how big of an impact the case makes. In today’s world, it’s the first thing people see and associate with you, as weird as that sounds. I’ve found that the more I switch mine up and the more they resonate with me, the happier I am. I had this reindeer one from H&M on during the holidays, and it was an amazing conversation starter. I’m currently rocking a Target Dollar spot case with jazzy sloshing glitter that says “You’re a Llama fun”, and the happiness and entertainment it brings me is immeasurable. If you are on team practical, at the very least take off your case and wipe down the buttons, screen, and disinfect the back.

  2. Unmentionables– My underthings drawer (including my socks, tights and bras) was an  absolute ni

ghtmare. I saved mismatched socks and sports bras that were hanging on by a thread “just in case”. I even reached into my tights drawer the other day and pulled out TWO pairs with holes in them. Past Me putting those back in the drawer was like leaving Future Me a flaming bag of dog doo on the front stoop.

4. Closet: Hopefully you’ve already pulled out clothes you don’t wear, I don’t need to remind you to do that (but go do it again). I found it incredibly rewarding to take it a step further and make everything “ready to wear”. I pulled out everything remotely wrinkly and ironed it, I shaved pills off of sweaters, cleaned silver jewelry and cut off those annoying hangy things that get in the way while getting dressed. I’m a huge fan of my velvet hangers so I tossed out all of the wire ones and ensured they were all replaced as well.

5. Pen holder: For some reason, writing with a dried up pen gives me the willies- like biting into a popsicle. It’s also frustrating and unprofessional to not have a working pen handy that doesn’t advertise a fast food chain. Go through while watching TV and ditch all the pens that are broken, dried up or less than stellar. Sharpen broken pencils, pull out Sharpies and highlighters and stash pens where you most need them.

Sometimes when I start to organize, I get overwhelmed and freeze up after a big project. I hope that this gave you a few more ideas to keep plowing through your spring refresh! What has breathed new life into your routine recently?


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