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Shopping With your Dog

Fun fact, we are coming up on our one year anniversary of adopting our dog, Dorothy! Not-so-fun fact, for the first 6 months we had her, she had extreme separation anxiety. We went through numerous crates and cages, tried home remedies, music and even hired babysitters to keep her calm in our absence. When my husband was out of town, I felt defeated and panicky at the thought of not being able to leave my house for the smallest errand. 


During that period, I began researching places that I could either work with Dorothy in tow, or take her with me if I needed to pick something up. Around the Triangle, we were welcomed at certain coffee shops, most breweries and restaurant patios and outdoors-y type stores. I knew that Home Depot was a safe place for us to venture, but never imagined the plethora of other dog-friendly stores that were out there. We credit Dot’s calm demeanor to getting out and about in public and keeping it cool while on leash. Here are a few of the places I was surprised to find, and am making my way through!

Just a note: I always call ahead to the individual store to ensure that the manager will allow us. I also consider how long I need to be there and what I’m actually getting to evaluate if it’s the best place to bring her. Also, she is incredibly calm and friendly and never ruffled or destructive in public. If she were, I’d definitely find another option rather than subjecting everyone to bad behavior!

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