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Buyer Myth #1:

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I wanted to start this series to bust a few myths that my friends and I had wrong before I entered the world of Real Estate. I’d love feedback if these are things you already know, or if you have other things you’ve always wondered!

The most common thing I hear from people curious about buying a home is that they’d rather save money than pay a buyer’s agent to show them homes when they can find them using sites like and Zillow.

WRONG! This is a fun one to blow up, because I can tell you that working with an agent is 100% free to you. The cost to have your very own advisor/guard dog/courier/therapist/chauffeur/DJ is paid for by the seller in a residential transaction, even in a new construction home (more on that soon!). Buyers and sellers have incredibly different needs and it’s invaluable to have someone protecting your OWN interest and going to bat on your behalf. 

Furthermore, tools readily available to consumers are nowhere near as powerful as those your agent would have. We can provide immediate, accurate, and consistently updated information on new properties and price changes, and have access to homes that haven’t even hit the market yet.

If you take anything away from today, please know that there’s no cost or obligation to be curious, even if you’re not sure what you want or if you’re ready!


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